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Starting Out On The Right Foot

First things first. Yesterday was Mother’s Day. It was the first year I had my mom, and my mother-in-law, and it was also the first year I didn’t actually see my mom, or my mother-in-law for that matter. We spent the weekend up here in Ct. But that doesn’t mean we left them hanging, in fact, we both called our moms, and mailed cards home, and posted things on Facebook, and I’m pretty sure there were happy tears. Mission accomplished. πŸ™‚

My Mommas and Me, photo credit: Mike Landis

My Mommas and Me, photo credit: Mike Landis

Did you call your mom yesterday? There was one man from West Philly who almost didn’t get a hold of his mom, he left his Mother’s Day voicemail on Bryan’s cellphone. Luckily, Bryan is a nice guy and called the guy back to let him know that his voicemail wasn’t where he left it.

It went something like this (in the voice of an excited Philadelphian)

Hi Mommmmaaaa. It’s just me your boo calling to say Happy Motha’s Day.

I hope you havin a good one, with them brothas of mine an’ all.

Ise’ just calling to say that I’ll be in your areah tuhmarro and I’se be taking you out to a dinnah, a real nice dinnah. Be ready now, you hear? I’ll be free to go ’round ’bout 3:30, 4 o’clock and we can have a nice dinnah just my Momma and me. Call me back now so I know you’ll be ready. See you tuhmarra Momma.


Oh the laughs we had at that one. I’d share it but Bry deleted it. Oh well. It’ll just have to do with me typing it up phonetically. Hope it gave you a laugh as well.

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