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Company’s Coming

And because of that, I really can’t afford to sit down here and write a bunch. So today’s post might end up being picture less. Not a bit less ‘weird Courtney humor’ though.

I know I can’t possibly be the only one that is having a nice relaxing weekend, until Sunday afternoon and then realize halfway through that ‘company’s coming’. Oh darn, have I got a long to do list. And then I sort of start a few projects. And then I realize it may not be possible to get done what I want to get done. And I end up where I am right now.

Let me explain, in March my cousin, mom, and baby sister were coming to visit, if you followed some of the Facebook updates you may remember that the visit induced hurried wall-paper stripping, wall washing, painting walls, new trim paint (which actually still needs another coat of semi-gloss white but I’ve run out and haven’t felt like plunked down more money in paint so it’s staying a bit splotchy for now) and a night with minimal sleep. (Still haven’t written a blog post on that, oops) All to get the guest room a bit more ‘habitable’ and less scary.

Then with the house-warming party (another blog post that needs to be written) we touched up paint, spackled some areas (finally got rid of the 2′ square hole in the ceiling and other miscellaneous ‘to-dos’. Not to mention regular house-warming type stuff like cleaning the house hard-core and making a ton of food (also another post).

This week we have my dad’s parents visiting tonight. It’s a brief stop in on the way to visit my Aunt, Uncle and their kids near Boston. But still, it’s a visit. It’s the first time they are seeing the house, and I kind of forgot that I want the first impression to be a good one. You see, my Dad and brothers (along with my mom and sister) are planning on coming this weekend, so we’ve been busy power-washing (it was on the to-do list anyways), and I started peeling wallpaper in our room (I’ve accepted I won’t get it done in time and instead we will have a splotchy wall).

Deck mid-washing. At least the top level is clean, and the 'grim line' is visible, so it's obvious we were working. Phew!

Deck mid-washing. At least the top level is clean, and the ‘grim line’ is visible, so it’s obvious we were working. Not being lazy bums. Phew.

Because first impressions are important with people and with houses that offspring purchase. So I really wanted to get rid of the years of grime on the deck, even though it still needs a new paint job, and some of that greenish tinge to the siding in places where bushes rubbed up to close. Wow, in the photo you can really see the color difference, the top-tier of the deck and the step are a brighter blue/gray and the bottom level…let’s not even go there. In my head it’s great that we are doing all of these things (let’s face it our to-do list is a mile long, and the budget to do it all in is running near fumes), except in preparing for my parents, I let slip that my grandparents are swinging through.

So my poor grandparents will probably get here before we get home which means those dishes in the sink? I’ve got to do them right this second. And the crud on the deck that we are in the middle of power-washing away? Well, it’s probably just going to have to stay there. Here’s hoping all the things we have done, the fact that the floors are mostly cleaned, and the bed is made, family room is tidied and the bathrooms are good to go is in my favor, and the fact that the power-washing kicked dirt back up on my clean doors and windows, and the miscellaneous clutter from rooms that aren’t ‘us’ yet is overlooked 🙂 Who am I kidding, I’m a grandkid, of course it will be overlooked. Doesn’t mean I want it there though. Ah well, joys and life of being a homeowner.

Oh, snap. I grabbed a photo, albeit an Iphone photo, and this is my 100th post! Wohoo. and all of you lovely people who liked Bottled Sunshine on Facebook? you super rock. (Join the party and like Bottled Sunshine, click the link to go)

ok seriously now, please share your funny stories about running around getting ready for company so we can all laugh, procrastinate and commiserate. Ready, Go! I’ll read them on my lunch break.

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