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It’s a Jungle Out There

Our yard, though pretty small, would be a lot bigger if there weren’t massive amounts of overgrown bushes and weeds. 

A few weeks ago when I got rid of the 16 yards of gravel that were covering the front beds (craigslist for the win: someone else came and shoveled all the rocks away for free!) Bryan was hacking away at the thorn bushes (read ginormous Jurassic park weed nobody had dealt with before then). The biggest was over 10 feet high and 10 feet around of thick vines as big around as my wrist covered in super scary thorns. 

We used one of those branch trimmers, the kind for lopping off branches way up high in trees, to tackle the beast without getting to close, it was our yard’s Grinch.

Anyways, being new to this whole home-owners thing we didn’t really know what was what out there, beyond a few hollys, a forsythia, hydrangea, and rose bush there were a bunch of other evergreens and other shrubs and we didn’t want to cut things back (or get rid of them) without seeing what they would do over the course of the year (and also so we could identify them).

We knew we had a super healthy rhododendron, it’s bigger than the thorn bush we tackled a few weeks ago! And now it’s starting to bloom. Proof:Image

Soon our yard will hold one ginormous puff ball of a rhody and four blooming azalea puffs as well. Even if they are overgrown they are pretty….and maybe some day, some future kid will be a lot like me and think hiding under bushes and trees in the backyard is great fun. (I used to play under the japanese maple at my parent’s old house, and spent hours sitting in some evergreen tree in their side yard. I was some sort of a tomboy. (I think my Nana was jealous when she swung by last night on her way to my Aunt Megan’s to celebrate the long weekend and my youngest girl cousin’s birthday [happy birthday Ky!] because my rhody is bigger than hers 🙂 haha, but she so kindly shared with me some of her hostas, which my front yard needs as it could be considered pretty barren, and I’m pretty envious of her lovely maintained yard, so I think it’s even)

And before you go thinking we have a big yard after all (you can’t see the boundary of the backyard in the photo), those bushes literally fill up our backyard. the edge of the deck takes you to the front of the bushes, and they rub up against the neighbors fence. So somewhere, something’s gotta give. I’m leaning towards getting rid of those prickly pesky evergreens, one because I don’t like them, and two because they are prickly, and three because flowering bushes are prettier. How’s that for logic? Thankfully our yard consists of a very private side yard as well, so we aren’t completely grassless, but for being in the city (even though we are in the neighborhood end) we made out pretty well when it comes to yard.


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