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Distracted Me

I didn’t post yesterday. And I may be a bit sporadic in the next few weeks (think a few times a week instead of the daily post I had been doing the last few weeks).

Here’s why: Some of you may know that I work at an art gallery. A small gallery in a ‘city’. It’s the biggest ‘city’ around and there’s a lot to do in the area; we get a lot of summer tourists. Sailfest is a big weekend long festival type event with the largest display of fireworks in New England, or so I’ve been told.

What’s that got to do with me? Well the art my boss let me display in the shop is completely sold out. There is nothing left, and with the influx of tourists for Sailfest come an inundation of people looking for souvenirs, nice ones to take home. To account for this I was instructed to paint up a storm in preparation. My boss needs more of my paintings. How cool is that?

So every morning I’ve been getting up earlier so I still have my time to laze about, and then painting for an hour or so before work, and an hour or so after dinner. All this on top of working, making dinner, laundry, wall paper removal in the master bedroom (peeled off the outer layer, still need to attack the glue), and generally keeping myself busy.

As if this wasn’t enough though, one of the weddings I was blessed enough to be invited to this summer (1 of the 6!) asked me to paint a guestbook tree, you know where the guests stamp their fingerprint and the couple has a keepsake to hang up in their house rather than stash an old book somewhere? How cool is that? It’s my first non-family commission. (Meaning they aren’t just asking because they feel bad!) Here’s an example from Etsy.

Needless to say I’ve been a bit distracted. I’ve left the door open to my studio one to many times, and with oil paint laying around…well Gingersnap stepped in it with her paw. I hope she didn’t try to lick it off to much and ingested poisons…guess this means I’m definitely not ready for kids yet. Darn! (Sarcasm).

So, now you have the upfront explanation of where I’ve been, or will be.


see the paint on the little paw?


how about now? *headdesk*


p.s. no time to edit today, so feel free to either point out my errors and I’ll fix them later or just content yourself with the fact that I am busy painting, as these picture took forever to upload and I missed out on 30 minutes of precious painting time.

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