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Working Away

Why is it that when I couldn’t possibly have anymore on my plate, I somehow find time to add more things to the list.


On my ‘Immediate’ to-do list for the last several weeks I have had strip the bedroom wallpaper, organize the closet a bit better, and re-organize the kitchen cabinets as I think they aren’t laid out the best way.

Then a few weeks ago I added paintings for sale at Studio 33, then I added the wedding guestbook tree for Joe and Maria’s wedding. Then just on Thursday of last week I added paint the panelling in the basement to brighten the room. Followed by repacking the Christmas decorations in their own bin (rather than the box) when I was digging things out for a yard sale. This list will never end. And I’m ok with that. But I do think I need to get a grip. No more adding stuff to the list to make the less interesting things get set on the back burner.

So now, instead of the clean and tidy house I had this time last week I have a guest room that’s in disarray (since the Christmas decorations are spread out all over the room) I have a basement with a pile of stuff in the middle of the floor (because I started to paint the first oil coat), and the closet/kitchen cabs have gotten no where near done.

But the guest book is coming along, just about ready for paint. And a painting is done to sell at the shop. And I’ve worked a bunch of hours and fit in a day at the beach. All in all it’s not to shabby. Now, since it’s absolutely gorgeous outside I’m going out to enjoy. But for real, on my to-do list today, I’m organizing the kitchen pantry (hey, that’s a start right?). Packing up the Christmas decorations. And then working on the guestbook tree some more. Those are the important things. The things that will help the house run more smoothly. And, probably take less time. Because let’s face it, a gorgeous day outside should not be wasted on wallpaper removal. The next rainy day though….then it’ll be back at the top!


As for when you are going to see that painting I finished, well you are just going to have to be a bit more patient (while I live with it a bit longer and make sure I like it the way it is).

Hope you can get a chance to enjoy this sunshiny day!

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