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Family Room Progress

Did you have a good weekend? I did. Mostly. My two do list though was finished the curtain hemming. Didn’t finish yet and I’ll tell you why, but you will still get to see where we are in family room.

But first let’s remember where we were when we moved in:



I took this picture during a walk-through before all the renters stuff they left behind was removed.

We (encompassing Bryan and I, and his parents) painted the walls, took down the vertical blinds, removed the carpets and old carpet pad and tack strips, and painted the trim the first weekend we owned the house (while simultaneously painting several other rooms, removing decades of wallpaper and steam cleaning all the carpets (minus this blue one) in the house).

From the second weekend of February til now we painted the sub-floor to live with for a while as we decided which flooring option we were going to buy, we hung curtains (still aren’t hemmed, yikes!) and then eventually bit the bullet, got some gorgeous dark oak floors installed, added an area rug and still never updated the blog.

Back to the back story: While I was at work Saturday, Bryan’s co-worker dropped a dog off at our house to watch for the day, Bryan had breakfast with a good friend, and the love seat I bought off Craigslist after I wrote Friday’s post arrived. I’m typically very very leery of second-hand furniture, but this was touted as being hardly used, sold to make room for a child’s play room, from a smoke and pet free home in Mystic (ritzy street address), free delivery and we steam cleaned and disinfected it anyways.



It’s a warm but neutral tan, and definitely a traditional style. Which our dark gray charcoal couch is neither warm, or traditional. But somehow I knew it would work. Bryan was all for it, and then he realized new furniture means rearranging the room. Not exactly what we had planned for Saturday afternoon, but it worked and we had fun. And now we like our family room even more than we did when I wrote last week that we were pretty near satisfied.

Here is the view from the front door:

photo 1


We tried the big gray couch all around the room before we finally settled on the back wall of the house. We plan to build a sofa table behind for glasses, some small decorations, you name it. We love this rug and really wanted a lot of it to be visible, but because we have the funky shaped couch, to have all the front legs on the rug a big portion of it would be under the couch and we wouldn’t get to see it as much. So we decided to run the first leg of the chevron strips parallel to the wood floor.

photo 2


View from the stairs leading to the guest bedrooms. The trunk is moving to the mostly empty corner of the family room, where you can see the entire light in this photograph, I just need Bryan home from work to move it for me. The yellow leather chair isn’t staying there, but we need to fill the hole somehow.

photo 3

The yellow chair might be brought back to this table, (which is the one we have on our to-do list to paint) and the other side of the table will most likely be framed with a tree of some sort. Here is where you can see the curtain length best, and unfortunately these are the ones I didn’t hem (I might just switch these panels with the ones I did hem and call it a day!

photo 4 photo 5


So there you have it.

1) hem curtains (half done) or just switch them with the hemmed curtains…. I think it’s ok to be ‘lazy’ in some aspects. 

2) sand, fill, and paint trim and door jamb (now that the door is in we have some filling, and the installation of the wood floors nicked up the trim a bit)

3) hang new fan (get rid of the shiny brass and faux wood from the seventies) see it now? yuck.

4) paint console table

5) love seat for more seating

6) new coffee table? Perhaps something light and airy. The plan now is to move the trunk to use as an end table, and perhaps get two long benches, ottoman height and reupholster them in a coordinating fabric. Then they can be split apart to use as ottomans, tables or additional seating around the room as needed.

5) art for the tall wall. Actually now we need art for behind the sofa/love seat. The paintings that are up near the tv will most likely stay, though they need to be re centered around the tv now. 

6) art for sofa/love seat wall. Something fun and a little out there. Probably not something in a frame, and an object instead.

We didn’t get as far as we wanted in our weekend to-do list because a window broke. Yes, I was just waxing eloquently about how amazing Bryan is cleaning the windows and one has broken while we were trying to fix it. Thankfully it’s an awning window that we hated much more than the old-fashioned double hung windows, but it looks like a new window is in our future. Guess it’s a good thing we cleaned the windows ourselves and saved the money, since we’ll be spending it on replacements. Such is the life of a homeowner of an older home. But in spite of it all the expenses it’s still definitely worth it. I’m thankful for a roof over my head, and the ability to fix the things we can fix. The jobs to pay for the things we can’t fix ourselves and each other. After all, it’s just a window. I’m just super thankful Bryan didn’t get all cut up when it broke. I’d much rather spend the money on a new window than have had to take him to the ER. Probably a blessing actually since I really hated those windows.

What do you think of the family room?

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  1. Joanna B. #

    Wow! It looks amazing 🙂 Great work!


    July 29, 2013
    • thanks Joanna!!! It’s been keeping us busy, but it feels so much more cozy in there now!


      July 29, 2013
  2. The space looks fantastic! I love the charcoal gray and yellow. And is there navy in there as well? I think the rug is my favorite though. 🙂 Keep up the good work!


    August 7, 2013
    • Thanks Lindsey, the ironic thing is we bought the charcoal couch before gray really took off and became the in color…and the yellow, well that’s always been my favorite color. But I’m thinking even when the trend wears off it will still look nice in here.


      August 7, 2013

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