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Einstein Moment…

oh goodness, I’ve been diligently working away on stripping this LAME wallpaper off my bedroom wall, and Bryan has been right there along side (gotta give the credit where the credit is due) and finally he pointed out yesterday, not only are we stripping off the wallpaper, but he’s pretty sure we’ve been taking off the paper cover of the drywall and the glue holding it on as well. Maybe we are, maybe we aren’t. We probably are, since now that he’s mentioned it, I realize there was only one layer of wallpaper, and that top layer came off quite easily. Darn it, I could have been done weeks ago.


shoot I took this picture over a month ago. I have got to get done.

One thing I do know is that we are amateurs, and the only wall-paper stripping experience was the half bath off the kitchen which included three layers of wallpaper, some of which were painted, on a plaster wall. So there has to be some sort of break in there for our confusion. We had no idea it could be really that easy, so we made it harder than we needed to. Who knows, I don’t really care because it’s going to be so nice to finally fill in all the holes in the wall, and paint it. The entire room that is. Five months in and we’ve steam- cleaned the carpet, added some shelves to the closet, took out the electric baseboards, and are almost done with the wall paper removal. Thankfully, we’ve gotten a ton done elsewhere in the house so i’m ok with the progress in here. It’ll get better. And soon I think.

photo 1

The yellow bits are paper still to be removed. A fresh coat of paint will go a long way. And then it will mean we can actually move our bed up against the wall, instead of having it hang two feet out like it’s been ever since we moved in. I’m sure that will make the room feel even bigger than it already does. And then I’ll have that problem to solve. (I guess it’s a problem?) I’m not complaining about the large room or anything but there’s only so much stuff you want in a bedroom. We already fit two large dressers in there, and our queen sized bed, and a way to small trunk at the foot of the bed. My eventual plan is to get a loveseat for the family room and move one of those chairs down to our room, but then we still have all that space, enough for another queen bed practically. Who knows what will happen in there.

Chalk our wallpaper strife up to inexperience, or too much time in the sun(NEVER!), or an slight ‘type A’ that just needs to get it all off, I’m not sure, but we are almost done and I just can’t wait. NO MORE WALLPAPER! Thankfully, this is the end. There isn’t anymore left in the house. Except for the big pile on the floor of course…

photo 2

In other home-improvement news, we finally got rid of the last of the blue shag carpet in Friday’s trash pick up. Wohoo, now we can actually organize the garage.

Am I the only one that has ripped off more than I should have?

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  1. Suzanne Wurster #

    I would make a little sitting area in your bedroom (small chair and ottoman). It makes it cozy, plus you can do your devotions there if you want. You can also have quiet time, etc!

    Good job on moving along so much with the house! One day…I will come to visit you and see it all!


    July 13, 2013
    • That’s where I’m leaning too! You are more than welcome for a visit!


      July 13, 2013

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