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No Time to Say Hello, Goodbye!

Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye. I have allotted myself five minutes to write this up today. Maybe I’ll sneak in a picture in that five minutes, maybe not.

This week has been so hectic. so so hectic.
I finished the design for the wedding program for Bryan’s brother and my college roommate. It took forever to get the spacing just right, especially once we added a few lines of type, but I’m happy with it, and more importantly they are happy with it, so that’s that. Hurrah.

I know in my last post I said we were almost done with wallpaper. And we were. But we had about a 7 foot square section left. Monday I went to Home Depot 5 times. yes five times. It was a hassle and annoying, but I can say I think we found our new front door and garage door colors. Plural. Dinner was at 9:30 that night. But we got projects completed and that’s a good thing.
Tuesday night we resolved not to strip wallpaper, and instead go to a concert a friend of ours was performing in (yay Jen!). That was a nice relaxing night, but no projects got accomplished. At least not for most of the night when my brain started yelling at my exhausted body.
Last night, that was Wednesday wasn’t it? We had a ginormous to-do list. Beyond packing, and remembering presents, and tidying the house, and making sure the kitties will be ok with the neighbor popping in to check on them, I still had to alter my bridesmaid dress. Bryan needed to go pick up his altered-by-professional pants for the wedding, and neither of could stomach the thought of the wallpaper hanging out any longer. So even though we were dead on our feet we agreed not to go to bed until the wallpaper was gone. At 12:10 this morning (3.5 hours after Bryan’s desired bed time of 9:30) we collapsed in bed, only to be up at 6:30 today, him to go to work, and me to pack. Since I spent about 3 hours working on the dress alterations. It’s definitely not professional quality, but the arm hole is bigger so I’ll be able to dance, and mingle without pain.
Well, five minutes are up. There is no picture today (sorry!), and I still need to pack, work 11 hours and drive 4 hours (if there is no traffic, to get home to help set up for the wedding tomorrow). But at least we have clothes for the wedding, and the presents are packed (I have forgotten to take them to two weddings so far this summer, and those are still floating around my house waiting for distribution!)

Anyways, have a great day today. SOrry for the nutso rambling and the bad spelling and grammar…but I will see you next week after a fabulous wedding where a friend becomes a sister (in law), a ‘Christmas in July’ family party for Bryan’s side of the family, and time relaxing, sleeping on the beach, and recuperating (yeah right we don’t sleep at OCNJ) with my family.

Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye xx

ps. anybody get the movie the quote is from without cheating?

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  1. Sounds busy! It’s from Alice in Wonderland…oddly enough, I’ve never actually seen the movie – mum explained it to me years ago when she was singing it around the house one time. Good memories…


    July 12, 2013
    • Hoorah for you! It’s a classic book, though a bit…out there for sure!


      July 13, 2013

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