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Brain Drain

This last week has been insane. Insane in a good way, but still insane. It started way beyond last week, which you all know with the wall paper, and the wedding projects I was working on, but this week was really the ‘icing’ on the cake.

Let me explain:
Thursday: woke up early after 4 hours sleep to pack, clean and work 11 hours (Bryan woke normal time but still worked 10 hours). Bryan took the car to the mechanic, sat there for two hours (615-815 pm). I rode to my eye doctors after hours (8 pm) to pick up my wedding clothes. We got home, packed the car (930), hit the road. Bought subway for dinner (1000). Two hours into our drive, almost to NYC (12 am), through much traffic we realized we forgot the wedding clothes, my dress I had spent three hours altering the night before. We turn around to go get the clothes. Bryan sleeps, I drive until 2 am. We are now in New Jersey. Bryan wakes up, I doze. Arrive at Bryan’s parents at 430 am. Conk out.

Friday: Wake up at 7 (text from friend who was worried), lay in bed for an hour, get coffee get ready (9am). Drive to Bride’s House. Work on wedding projects (230). Get ready for rehearsal, rehearse (400). Rehearsal dinner (500). Bachelorette Party (900). Sleep.

Saturday: Wedding Day! Wedding Projects all morning. Get ready for wedding, in the infamous wedding clothes. (200).photo 1

Pictures. Walk down the aisle (400). They are married! (430).

Reception (900). Bride and Groom send off (910). Drive back to Bryan’s parents. Sleep.
Sunday: Church. Bryan’s Family’s Christmas in July (330). Drive to OCNJ (600). Games with my grandparents (1100). My family arrives (1115). Sleep.

Monday: Bike rides, games, lunch, beach, seafood feast, boardwalk.

Tuesday: Bike Rides, games, beach, lunch, beach, family photos (500)photodinner (700), drive home (1200). Sleep.

Wednesday: Shower, find squirrel in house. Try to catch squirrel. photo 5Leave for work late. Bryan comes home from work to set trap, goes back to work. Come home from work to find squirrel in trap. Clean all night. Sleep (1100).

It’s been hectic. And it won’t slow down anytime soon. But it was SO great to see so much family, and Nate and Steph are married! Hooray. I’ll post about the wedding programs tomorrow. I just needed to get this out of my system before moving on. Thanks for humoring me.

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