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I’ve never been much of a window washer. I get the basic principle, and I like looking out of clean windows, but it never was one of my chores, and I honestly didn’t really think about it in the apartment.

But here, in our house? It’s been taunting me since Day 30 probably. You know, after the boxes were unpacked and we were relatively settled. They’ve been on to-do list, after to do list. I didn’t do them for the housewarming party, or for when guests visit, or for my own sanity.

It doesn’t help that I work in an art gallery and custom picture framing shop where we fit every speck of dust and smudge on the glass to go away before we frame something. So maybe I’ve picked up some OCD tendencies. I’ve been scrubbing the windows on our house for the past few months (on and off, let’s be honest I’ll do maybe 5 and get frustrated and quit). Vinegar doesn’t work. Windex doesn’t work. Both leave streaks, dust and halfheartedly clean. I’ve tried paper towels, regular cloth, and microfiber. All to no avail. I can’t imagine when they were last cleaned, maybe 3 years ago (last owner who seemed to semi care about the place, since then there were renters)? What would clean a normal window looks clean til you move on to the next window and then come back to major streaks, and smeary windows. Not only is the dirt on the windows hard to deal with, more than half of our windows also have storm windows. While this makes the glass more efficient when it comes to strong winds, it also means there is double the surface of glass on those windows. And you need to clean the inside windows, the outside windows, the outside of the inside window, and the inside of the outside window. And none of them have been cleaned in years. Years. Grrr.

Nothing was working, we had to many things on our to-do list, the windows were driving us(me) nuts, and several are very high up. We have 14 regular windows, 16 windows that also have a storm window and 7 glass doors. So I called a window washing service for a free quote since I heard they were reasonable. They came back with a quote of $586 for the windows( that’s not what I would call reasonable, though I guess the reasonable quote I’d heard about was in the South, and we are in freaking Connecticut, land of taxes and overcharges on everything). Then they recommended pressure washing for $299 (heartbreaking since we’ve done that already this year, do they really think we need more?) and cleaning the gutters/downspouts $190 (ok, we do need that and that seems pretty darn reasonable.

Honestly I was upset at the number for the windows but had resigned myself to the fact I’ll never have clean windows like my Nana. (She’s well known for clean windows) So I was ready to squirrel away any extra money I made (10 hours this week!)  and get clean windows, regardless of the price. Bryan (the reasonable, sane one) said no way, we could put that money towards loans. We’ll get them clean ourselves. But how in the world are we going to do that? I’ve tried almost everything I know. And before I could do anything to stop them he was outside with the brand new can of window washing fluid I’d bought because we use it at work and a microfiber cloth.

It worked people it worked. I’m a proud owner of a clean kitchen full of clean windows. All thanks to this little guy. And my big guy. For persevering in the face of a non-necessary expense, ladders and cleaning windows (none of which he likes). Hip-hip hooray for clean windows!

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 8.17.01 AM


You can buy it at Home Depot for $2 and change. I should have known it would work. It gets almost everything off of the picture glass we sell, old glass people bring in, you name it. Completely streak free. A total nobrainer, I should have thought of this months ago. To be fair though, I had bought it a few weeks ago, but was convinced nothing was going to clean these darn windows the way I was wanting them to look. You know, perfect. It’s fun to spray, if you let it sit it helps with hard to clean spots, and it worked on my baked on dirty windows. So basically I saved $584 on window cleaning. Now to get up to the second floor to clean the outsides there…


If only I was compensated for this post then I’d have saved even more money on window washing! Haha.

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