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Now You See it

When you get to a point where you are so overwhelmed, you’d spend ANY amount of money to be finished, that is not the time to be making decisions.

That’s where I was with the windows on Wednesday. Thankfully Bryan wasn’t and he has been a champ with the outside and high up windows. I came home yesterday to the amazing discovery that our old windows actually can be taken out for even easier cleaning! WIndow might be something I don’t despise anymore.

It’s like the light at the end of the tunnel. The sparkly clean windows inspired me to hem the curtains I sewed for the family room so the room is really coming together. Bryan removed the awkward door from the foyer to the family room.

Just a few more to do’s on the list and we can call ourselves satisfied with the family room.

1) hem curtains (half done)

2) sand, fill, and paint trim and door jamb (now that the door is in we have some filling, and the installation of the wood floors nicked up the trim a bit)

3) hang new fan (get rid of the shiny brass and faux wood from the seventies)

4) paint console table

5) loveseat for more seating

6) new coffee table? Perhaps something light and airy.

5) art for the tall wall (behind the tv. this will be an eventual thing, we are definitely willing to wait and see what we need there.

That’s not to shabby. Monday I plan do a post with the curtains hemmed and you can see an up-to date where we are in the family room.

Hope you all are having a good Friday and are ready for a good weekend!


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