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prequel to: Adventure is Out There: Camping Edition #1

Today’s post is a random glimpse inside my head as a real adventure looms. No fun house makeover, or food post (I’m due one of those). Feel free to skip.

Well, it’s official. My first camping experience is looming before us. This weekend Bryan and I, his parents, brother and brother’s girlfriend are going to canoe part of the Delaware River. It’s going to be a totally new experience, especially considering my first night sleeping in a tent was last night, and that was in my backyard with every modern convenience 20 feet away.

I think I’m prepared though. I have plenty of bug spray, bathing suits, sunscreen, snacks, a book. I’m scrounging up a sketch book and some colored pencils since I don’t think my cell phone battery will last long enough to take decent pictures… we will see.

It’s very fitting though. The whole ‘Adventure is Out There’ thing. I fell in love with the movie Up, when I was adventuring on my own for a semester in college in Europe, while Bryan was back here working his tail off in his classes. I bawled like a baby on the flight from Heathrow to Cairo when I first saw it. I’m sure many people identify with Mr Ferguson and Ellie, but I’ve kind of claimed them as ‘us’. We each push the other into new adventures. I pushed Bryan (and quite willingly he went) into international travel, and he’s pushing me (actually he isn’t pushing me, but he’d like me to go and I said I’d try it) into camping and being outdoorsy.

We come from two different backgrounds, he and I. Vacation to my family was going somewhere, like a beach to relax, a mountain to ski, or a faraway place to learn/explore the history and culture. Vacation to Bryan’s family was camping, hiking, canoeing to enjoy the great outdoors and occasionally to the beach to skip rocks, go sailing and swimming.

I woke up this morning, after my first night outside and genuinely asked what the appeal was. It was loud out there last night, even with ear plugs. I was a bit freaked out, sleeping outside, though I knew I’d be safe with Bry. And the ground is uncomfortable! Seriously. I wanted to understand the appeal because it’s important to him, and something he enjoys. I think it would give me a better chance of enjoying it myself.

The initial reasons Bryan gave that he liked it: It’s quiet, it’s beautiful, it’s hard work.

I countered with: It’s super loud, much louder than inside the house, it is beautiful, a bed is so much more comfortable and why would you want to work hard on vacation? He laughed, I laughed. Then I said, for real though, knowing reasons that you like it could help me appreciate it better.

Bryan: sure it’s loud, filled with birds and crickets. But there’s no people noise. A bed is comfortable sure, but when you work hard all day paddling (and I’m paddling for you remember?) the bed is comfortable because you are so tired.

Me: No people noise would be nice. And I do like the sounds of the birds. As long as there isn’t anything scary…

Bryan: I’ll protect you…

Me: So basically, it’s just an adventure right?

Bryan: Yes, and you don’t have to go ever again.

Me: So it’s an adventure. Adventure is out there!

End scene.

What Bryan doesn’t know is that I will have to go again. Not that he would make me. Never ever would. But he likes it so much that I will go. Again and again. Kind of like my mom, going skiing with my dad even when wasn’t my mom’s cup of tea. She went. So I too will go.

But more than just going for his sake I’m really hoping that I can come away seeing what it is he sees, and not seeing the things I’m afraid of. I don’t need to become hiker/camper/mountaineer for days and weeks at a time. He knew who I was when he married me. But I like fires, birds, pretty clouds and great views. I can become a weekend camper. As long as there are no snakes.

After all, Adventure is Out There!

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  1. Suzanne Wurster #

    This post was too funny! Loved how you pointed out your side vs him side. Can’t wait to hear edition #2 of the camping story!


    August 3, 2013
    • Thanks Suzanne! Part two is coming up next!


      August 5, 2013

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