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I’m Seeing Double

Remember this room?

photo 2

It’s bright, colorful, and sparsely furnished. Well, when you buy a house on a budget that’s sometimes what happens. This is our spare guest room, the room that will probably eventually be a child’s room. So we didn’t want to spend a ton of money filling it up with furniture. We had the twin mattress already and walking through Habitat for Humanity shortly after we bought the house we saw this bed.ย Actually we saw two of them, but since we only had one mattress and they weren’t marked super cheap we bought the one.

Not only do we love the brass bed it means we have beds for three guests. Not a problem when a couple girl friends come to visit, but when my family comes, 5 people needing beds, it means two sleep on the floor. Granted the ones on the floor are boys, and their tough, but as the older sister that makes me feel bad. So imagine my joy when we went into the Habitat for Humanity a few weeks ago looking for a buffet for the kitchen, and the twin to this bed was still there, marked way down. LIke 75% off. So we bought it. Snapped it up more like. And when I had a gift card from Sears from the automotive department to apologize for the employees comments I snapped up a highly reviewed mattress for $50 including shipping and taxes. Nice.

All I needed was bedding. But I didn’t want another crazy colored comforter like the one we had, and didn’t think I’d be able to find it since it was the last one left at Kohl’s in March and it was $9 for the set. So I decided (and Bryan affirmed) that we just needed new, less crazy bedding. But I still didn’t want to spend a lot of money. It’s a spare guest room after all. That’s like a spare, spare room. So off I headed to Home Goods (nothing), Marshall’s cute things, but only ever one twin of anything I liked), Christmas Tree Shop (old lady stuff galore), Bed Bath and Beyond (I was not spending $79 a pop and only had $5 dollar off coupons), JCPenney (sometimes they have coupons), Macy’s (had $50 dollars in gift cards), and Sears (I was desperate). Nothing. I wanted something neutral, with a little bit of pattern. Something that would go with the existing rug, and tone down the colorful walls.

So with an inkling of an idea I headed back to Marshalls. There were three different quilts I liked. Two were neutral with pattern, and one had a graphic design on a white background. But still none had two twins. Two queens? sure. Two kings? sure. No doubles in twins. Then I realized, I know how to sew. I could always cut one blanket down to make a second twin, and bind it to match. The wheels started turning. If I bought the king and a twin I’d have enough fabric to have a matching sham pillow for both beds, without spending the extra $30 dollars. So we went home with two quilts in three different patterns to see what we liked best.

A clear winner made the cut, and the rest were returned. So for $60 dollars we had the material for two twin quilts and two standard shams. That’s a whole lot better than the best fit I had found at BBB which would have been $185 for two quilts and two shams.

Then came the tricky part, cutting the big quilt down to size. First I laid the king quilt flat on the floor, lining up two corners of the twin with the king (okay there was a 4 inch overhang lengthwise that doesn’t bother me) I pulled it taut over the king, leaving approximately 2.5 feet of extra king quilt. I snipped with fabric shears leaving a quarter of an inch extra the whole way down. (If you also do this you may have to change what you cut. I had a quilt where the backing fabric became the binding, so I didn’t need to salvage the original binder of the quilt.)


photo 3

Then, so I would have some binding fabric to fold over (tuck the newly cut edge under and still cover the batting and top layer of the quilt I snipped out that extra quarter of a inch of the batting and top layer.

photo 4

Finally a folded over the raw edge of the binder, covered over the cut edge on the top of the quilt and hand sewed the length of it. It took a while, and my hand stitching isn’t perfect, but I didn’t want to spend time ripping machined stitches, and I’m not fast enough with my iron to press the folded down edge and get it to stay even with pins. It was just to tricky to do any other way. But with a good Netflix movie playing I finished it up in no time. So, as soon as the mattress gets here (delivery tomorrow) I’ll be seeing double quilts and bed frames.


Then it’ll just be one little brother sleeping on the floor. Well once the mattress gets here that is. And Bryan carries the bed frame in tonight. And the sheets and quilts come out of the dryer. (Gotta wash off all the storm germs and kitty fur!)

Not a bad little upgrade to go from sleeping 3 extra people to 4.

$20 for second bed frame

$60 dollars for bedding for both beds

That’s only $80 bucks. And now the purple is toned down a bit, but still goes along with the rich blue of the other bedroom. I’m a fan.

Who’s coming next?




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  1. Suzanne Wurster #

    Awesome job Courtney! Sounds so inviting! ๐Ÿ™‚


    August 29, 2013
    • Thanks Suzanne!


      August 29, 2013

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