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Raining Cats and Dogs

I’ve had writer’s block recently. Tons of stuff has been going on but have I been writing about it? Not really. Lets see: college roommate/ friend visited, my family visited, I’ve been working on an engagement party for people that aren’t heading to a destination wedding, house projects, and dog shopping.

Yes, dogs. I knew I was marrying a dog person just as he knew he was marrying a cat person. We never really thought we’d have a dog though. Something’s been changing, I can’t quite put my finger on it.
So we’ve been spending lots of time researching dogs. Good around cats, not to barky, a non-escape artist dog that could hang outside with us, a dog that is a water dog- those are pretty much our top wants in a dog.
Endless pages on endless types of dogs can get overwhelming. It’s a big decision, one that will impact us for at least the next ten years. Probably 15.
Bryan grew up with a golden, and loved her. My parents had a lab and he was a bit to hyper for me. Very typically lab., though. We want a dog that will be happy to see us, but relatively easy to train not to jump up on us.
The funny thing? The dogs I think are the cutest range from West Highland Terriers, to Newfoundlands. Tiny and massive. Not to much in between.
Have any tips? What dog do you have? Have always liked? Would you not put with cats?

So it isn’t really raining dogs, but the possibility of them are pouring down. At this rate we will have so many possibilities to rule out we will never decide.

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  1. Rebecca Slot #

    Hi Courtney, Please look into a rescue dog. They make the best pets because they are so thankful to have a home. Pieter and I foster rescue dogs and I can attest that most of them are fabulous dogs.


    August 28, 2013
  2. Dawn #

    Remember no matter what kind all dogs chew especially puppies, steal food off of counters, and cost money to board;) just some of the good points that came to my mind NOT…


    August 30, 2013
    • haha! You are right! I hear rumors (Bryan tells me) he will train the dog, but I am preparing myself for the worst! We are going to start out with an older dog, but who knows what sort of bad habits she will come with!


      September 4, 2013

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