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Bedroom Wall Saga

By now you may have forgotten that in June we began to take down the weird textured  80s wallpaper that was on one wall in our bedroom. Other than that and cleaning the carpets and removing the electric baseboards we hadn’t done much.

Stripping the wallpaper took many many hours. Heat didn’t work, Fabric Softener barely worked. Muscle worked. But then Muscle got tired. We finally got the last of it off and it stayed in that state for a while. We bought the paint for our bedroom, and kept the furniture away from the wall, but I think we had spent so much time in there we were through with it at the time. This week we decided enough was enough and we were painting our bedroom. So Monday night we washed the wall down, removing every last bit of wallpaper glue getting the wall prepped and ready for spackle. Then while Bryan got the last of the glue off the wall I removed switch plate covers that had been painted over 4-5 times and were literally painted into place. Several of those broke from the exertion. And yes, I scored around them to try to speed up the process. I also removed the various picture hanging hardware, and curtain rods. Then, since it seemed there were holes everywhere, I counted them. There were holes from previous sets of curtains, venetian blinds, and hooks. Random holes for cable and telephone wires to come through. We finally took down the old alarm systems control panel, removed an electric box for audio (the speakers no longer existed), removed a box for a really old telephone jack (the 4 prong one), not to mention the 4 holes a piece for the sconces over the bed. That sounds like a lot of holes. But I bet you wouldn’t believe me if I told you there were 200 exactly on the wall behind our bed, and around the rest of the room and the bathroom the total went to 221. That’s a lot of holes.

Thankfully when I got home from work late last night Bryan had already patched the 4 big holes to replace boxes, and the shoddy previous patch job and started on the rest of the holes. They are all plugged up! Sanding and then painting and our room will look like a whole new world. But for now, a glorious picture of our wall. It probably doesn’t show you much, but this picture had to outlet boxes removed and several holes for cords spackled over. photo

Tonight, we sand! It’s hard to believe this saga is almost coming to an end. Sure the faster way would have been to buy the thin drywall, and cover this wall up. And goodness know that in a room this size that wouldn’t be noticeable in the slightest. But we are on a budget after all. Muscles are worth something 🙂

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  1. You will sure own a share of the Spackle company! That’s a lot of jars of spackle used, not to mention elbow grease. The wall and room will look great once finished. Yea!


    September 12, 2013
    • I forgot to buy the shares…darn it. Ill have to remember to buy some before we finish up! 🙂

      Thanks, I’m excited for it to be over and done with! So is Bryan, as he’s the major muscle behind the operation.


      September 12, 2013

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