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Isaiah 61 1-3

I have a new found section of favorite verses. Thanks to my cousin Emily I’ve spent quite a while exploring Isaiah 61: 1-3. She was the first responder to my offer of creating a free printable Bible verse, quote, line of a song, etc. SO I was quick to get to work. Purples, whites and grays and crown. Seemed easy enough, if there was to many words then only verse three.

So I started reading. I had to make sure my design uplifted the words, drew attention to the key points, made it hit home. I knew it was going to be wordy. There was no way I could get rid of verses 1&2. So I needed to come up with some sort of unifying background. Something I knew would fit my cousins modern aesthetic, with clean lines and a little bit of ‘royal’ flair. She had asked for a crown after all.

That brought me to this:


and now it’s free to you as well. Feel free to save the file and print it off. Keep a little reminder around to strive to be an oak of righteousness!

Happy Monday!

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