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Good news! And bad news.

I woke up this morning to the sound of machinery, which isn’t that odd since the last two mornings I’ve woken up to the sounds of roofing…noisy machines and men. Today though was a truck. Very close to my bedroom. Welcome to life in a small city. I’m certainly in a nice neighborhood part of the city, but houses are still close together. And my back yard neighbor is getting to work. Or having workers get to work. That is much more accurate.

This is the same neighbor that just finished jack hammering the flooring of her garage out to prepare for a new one being poured. This is the same neighbor that a branch of my tree fell and knocked over a 4 foot section of her fence during the blizzard we bought the house in and was over here the next morning banging on our door letting us know we would be paying for ‘the damage’. I say that in quotes because she had herself plowed out that same day, while we were stuck on our cul-de-sac for 3 days and literally it was one 4 foot section of wooden fencing which costs $50 bucks at Home Depot at most. Trust me, she’s way more than good for it. She lives in the estate (yes for real) with a tennis court and sprawling lawn and large house for her husband and her. We live on a street that takes up the same amount of space as her property, but it holds 7 properties all with a decent amount of space.  And our properties are not McMansions that have sprung up over night. No, these were all built in the 50s-60s.

Our street-Neighbor's House

Nice comparison there…the neighbors house is the property on the bottom of the photo. Back to the point….

The tree that overhangs our house is coming down! Whoop whoop!! It was the one scary thing about our house. No actually, it wasn’t. There have been lots of scary things related to furnaces and hot water heaters and electrical stuff, but we dealt with all of that before we closed on the house. We had some semblance of control over those items. Some. This tree however, overhung a large majority of our house and was huge. This is also the very tree that let a squirrel fall down our chimney and terrorize me one morning.

So, to help you visualize the back and forth tree ‘issues’ I present this next pic.

Tree Arrows

This Google Earth photo was taken early this spring before the leaves grew in. You can see the blue arrow which points to the shadow of a tree, there aren’t any leaves on it. It hangs over the fence of the two houses on the street. Ours on the right, and our other neighbors on the left. That is half of the tree, the rest of the tree fell off backwards and laid over the driveway for less than 12 hours, right along the blue arrow.

The purple arrow points to another shadow of a tree, this one also without leaves. You can see it’s shadow all over the roof of our house. Not a good thing. Miraculously it survived Hurricane Sandy and the Blizzard, so we weren’t really worried, but it is nice to go into winter not having that hanging over our heads. Literally.  ha haha haha (my father-in-law will get a kick out of that)

In this pre-purchase MLS listing photo you can see the towering tree behind the lower point of our roof. Those sprawling branches literally cover the roof, almost sticking out in front of the house. It’s crazy. While I have this picture out, it’s pretty crazy we saw this house and somehow looked past all of the crazy design choices and backbreaking work to see what it could become, and we aren’t even part of the way there.

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 9.41.57 AM




Now. There is still that concrete pad to paint, and that ugly light to replace and some window trim to paint. But there is no more gravel! or dusty blue color! or weeds! And we have added plants and green things and life!


Oh and as for the bad news I referred to at the beginning of the post? I didn’t know what was going on outside so opened a curtain and peeked through. And there to my surprise was a man sitting in the cab of the tree cutter’s truck, looking right over the fence at me in my winter fuzzy bathrobe. Caught like a deer in the headlights I waved and then ducked back inside. Oh boy oh boy. I don’t really care though because a) I get mistaken for a teenager all the time so I doubt he thinks I’m the homeowner and therefore a grown woman. b) it was a white robe through patterned sheers curtains so he probably doesn’t have a clue c) he seemed nice and waved back.

Happy Thursday everyone!

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