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One Year Down

29 to go.

One year ago today it was the beginning of ‘winter storm Nemo’. It was the final walk through of our house. It was the day we went to closing. The day the furnace decided to ‘be unreparable’. The day my in-laws drove five hours through bad weather and traffic to help us do some projects around the house and move. The weekend we painted two pink rooms and all the trim, ripped out a bathroom, ripped out Grover blue shag carpeting, painted the subfloor ing, steamcleaned five rooms of carpeting two times each, scrubbed the bathrooms. The day we got three feet of snow and were snowed in for three days. The day our tree decided to lose half of its fork and fall on a neighbor’s fence who then threatened to sue if we didn’t get a tree company out right that minute.

That unrepeatable furnace? My father-in-law fixed it for 2 dollars and change in parts. He hasn’t given us that bill.
Those freshly painted rooms? We are so glad they are no longer pink. That shag carpeting? Nice hardwood flooring. The planned move? Didn’t happen due to the snow. The steam cleaning? Saved us buying new carpets. That three feet of snow? Kept my inlaws around an extra day and that gave us time to rip out fuzzy wallpaper plus two other layers of wallpaper, and spackle and paint the bathroom off of the kitchen.
The tree that fell? Was a healthy tree so our insurance sent a nice ‘it’s not our problem letter’.

One year ago today it really didn’t feel like our house. Around midnight when the storm was blowing full force and I was the only one awake it felt like we had made a huge mistake and dove in way over our heads. But that was in the emotional heat of the moment.

I have learned how to spackle and paint without taping off my edges. I can rip up carpeting and install new lights. I can scrub bathrooms like you wouldn’t believe and can assist Bryan with replacing windows. Bryan can add outlets where there weren’t any before. He can build a dinning room table with a drill and a hand saw. He can fix clogged plumbing, replace the flushing valves on the toilets , he can stop the roof from leaking.
I can’t believe how much we have learned in the past year and how much we have grown. I wish the me who was wide awake in the middle of the night listened to the wind howling and the tree branches crashing down knew without any doubt that it was going to be ok. But if we hadn’t learned new skills, if we hadn’t learned to trust we never would be where we are today.

What a blessing this year has been. Where has this past year taken you?

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