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Well it’s about time I catch up with what’s been happening around here…over the last long long while.

In November, in  a fit of frustration I was working on loosening up my paintings. It only lasted the one painting and I’m right back where I left off with my tiny brushes, but I really enjoyed creating this painting, ‘Resolution of Poppies’. To let you in on how ‘slacking’ I’ve been on the art front, Bryan built the cradled panel for me when we were engaged in August of 2011. Yikes. I started an underpainting in our apartment in 2012, but packed it away when we moved and didn’t pick it up again until after the lure of the beach in the summer time had passed.

Well to get back to it, I’d spent a week or two on the painting and was really happy with it. Just in time for the Christmas Show at Studio33 Art and Frame Gallery so I took it in and asked Sara, the owner, if it was something she’d be interested in. She was and the next day at work we hung the show. Of course, I’d only spent a few weeks with the painting, none of them when the piece was finished and hanging anywhere I could see it and I wasn’t really ready to sell it. So rather than listing it for a price that was suggested by Sara, I decided to go a bit higher. After all, if it was priced higher than it probably wouldn’t sell and I’d bring it back home with me for a few weeks. Of course, things rarely work out the way you expect them to. Before the show officially opened, just a few days later a client walked in and bought it on the spot. I got a call it had sold while I was busy prepping food for the opening later that night. Never even got to see it with the classic sold mark on it, the red dot. So much for bringing it home after the show and enjoying it!

The colors are rich orangey reds, buttery yellows and cool blues. The movement, texture and translucency of the petals build over the soft pixelated background.

Measuring 20×23 inches with a thin poplar frame wrapping around it the piece was up for sale for $495. photo


Commissions are always welcome in paintings and graphic design work. Check out my in progress portfolio tab for more examples of my work. Keep in mind that I am available to teach art lessons as well in a wide variety of mediums. Email for more information!

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