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One Large Room=Design Dilemma

When we bought this house one thing we absolutely loved about it was the large family room. No worries on whether or not our couch would fit. Instead it was something like will we be able to see the tv? Haha. Not kidding. I’m still not totally sold on the layout, partially because something feels off, and partially because we don’t want to spend anymore money on furniture at this point so there remains large ‘holes’ no matter how you shake things up in there.

Within the first weekend of owning the house we were here, walls painted and Grover carpet in place:20130222-110229.jpg

Then the carpet disappeared: 20130222-110241.jpg

We added flooring and our furniture, homemade curtains, and some color with the pillows and a rug:photo 1

Things felt dark and cramped and something was off. One day, while browsing through pinterest and my Better Home and Garden magazine collection I realized an ottoman with long skinny legs rather than the big steamer trunk would really lighten the place up. The only problem was the room was so large one, unless it was as big as the trunk wouldn’t really help. And I didn’t want something that big. So I needed two ottomans.

The need for two made the possibility of finding something cheap at a thrift store or Habitat for Humanity slim to none. So I turned my sights to Home Goods, Marshalls and TJMaxx. There were pairs galore but I needed something either in a great fabric, or easy to recover that wouldn’t break the bank. Countless single ottomans/benches were great colors. But the price and the lack of a duplicate ruled them right out. Then, I found these relatively easy to recover benches, but they were in a harsh geometric pattern, complete with shiny nickel nailhead trim around them. And the price was exorbitant, $299 a piece. So I kind of gave up on the idea and pushed it to the back burner. A few weeks later I went back to browse and they were still there, taunting me. This time the price had dropped to $149. Still, for both that would be $300 + tax and that too was way more than I could spend. So once again, even while I hated leaving them behind I did just that. I called the store though when I got home and asked what their sales schedule was, thinking I’d plan on coming back in whenever the sale day hit and scooping them up then. They said those two pieces were already marked down as far as they would go. Dejected I hung up. Guess it was back to square one.

Once again, a few weeks later I found myself back at HomeGoods, this time, somehow they were still there (ok well maybe that isn’t so surprising since they were very intense) only now they were marked down, all the way to $69 a piece. Still higher than anything I could have bought at the furniture thrift store, at a savings of $460 I scooped them up and brought them home where I began the task of painstakingly pulling out the nailhead trim and removed the crazy fabric. I did not photograph the process because it was hours of using a flat head screw driver and needle nose pliers to pull out the hundreds of staples and nailhead pins. My wrists ached for days. But to commemorate the crazy fabric:



And the new fabric:IMG_3336

And the new view of the room (granted this one has the Christmas Tree in it):DSC00157

Now I only need to figure out what to put where the christmas tree was. Anyone have any suggestions? Below are two pics to show my dilemma. It can’t be too closed off, because the front door, and the two sets of stairs (up and down) all need walking access.

photo 5



Enjoy the snow day!



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