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Backed Up To Dos & Laundry Room Refresh

My to-do list has seemingly exploded this past week. Beyond the basics of keeping a house tidy and organized, I worked all 8 of the last days. My little bits of graphic design work has kept me humming along designing ads for local businesses. Then there is carving out time for my art, which I consider ‘a job’ and the days when I’m not busy working downtown I ‘work’ at my ‘painting job’  the same hours I’d work if I were at my job outside of the  home. It’s an interesting balance, but if I didn’t consider my time in my studio ‘work’ I’d never be able to justify painting over housework like laundry and mopping. So it is work then. Without the quotes.

Just this past Sunday I was approached and asked to create a painting for the church’s Easter service, so some time today will be spent researching for that painting and sketching.

A few more design ads are popping up in my docket, and of course there is the pressure of creating enough of my own works to enter into art galleries.

I can only imagine what the work/life juggle would be like if there were kids in the mix!

In spite of today being a work in my studio day, I will do a bit of laundry because clean clothes and sheets are always a positive thing, and the bright shiny newness of the paint in the laundry room is calling my name. Elevating the monotony is always a good thing right? We started with this awful green room. Peeling blue-green linoleum, monster green walls…it was gross. Lots of vacuuming, removing linoleum and painting later and we have a pretty decent space to do the laundry in. It’s certainly not a finished space, but it is much brighter, lighter and less depressing to do the laundry in the updated space. The stark whiteness was a bit…dull still, so a navy stripe wraps it’s way around the room now, jogging it’s placement at the corners of the room. Besides adding a better light, or painting the exterior of the laundry sink to cover up old paint smears it’s a much nicer room with no money invested in it. Thankfully I had the sample of navy paint leftover from testing colors for the garage doors, and the white paint is just flat ceiling paint. Bryan and I both hate painting ceilings, so if we don’t have a lot leftover than we won’t feel like we need to paint many of the ceilings, right?laundry


Guess I don’t quite have that work/life balance down yet. I can’t quite seem to let go of my feelings that the running of the house is my solo responsibility even though we both work outside of the home, and Bryan is independently insistent on helping out (with no solicitation from me)! It’s just ingrained in me I guess.

How do you achieve or in my case ‘trick’ yourself into a work/life balance? Does anyone have it down to a science?

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