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Truth from Babes

Blogging day one: I never really thought I’d be one for blogging, but I find myself at a crazy point of my life. As a a twenty something, I’m a recent college grad, I live at home (in a house with seven people ranging from 0-50) to save money while I plan my wedding. I’m in a long distance relationship during our engagement, I work at a crazy daycare with a class full of two year olds and some wonderful people as well as some very wacky ones. The things that go on are often too crazy to believe, but they are true and I’m gonna do my best to write them out as they happen.

Today for instance, is a rainy day at the daycare, my co-teacher  and I, are stuck inside with 13 children. Said thirteen children are wound up beyond belief. Their favorite playthings are the things they aren’t supposed to touch, the trashcan, the diaper pail and the bathroom door. To get through the day I count down the hours ’til nap time, when the children are all supposed to go to sleep. Unfortunately getting all of them asleep at the same time is a rarity, and just before naptime is lunch. Can you possibly imagine trying to feed 13 kids when there are only two teachers? I’ve picked up funny phrases at work, my favorite one is, “I’m not an octopus children! There are x of you and one of me. You will just have to wait.’ I use the octopus idea a lot now.  thanks to S.F.

However today just as we were wrapping up lunch a dad comes in with his daughter P, she’s usually a two-day-a-weeker who comes from 9-3. From 11:45-3 is nap time and he’s coming at 11:25. He hasn’t fed her and said when she woke up this morning she just wanted to play with daddy but now she wanted to come to school. P hears this, looks up and said, “No daddy, i didn’t want to come to school. I want to stay home!” The dad’s jaw drops and he just kind of swallows. So now I’ve got 14 rowdy kids to settle at nap time. Leave it to the 2 year old to tell the truth. Reader, have any humorous stories about catching someone in a lie?

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