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Raining Cats and Dogs

I’ve had writer’s block recently. Tons of stuff has been going on but have I been writing about it? Not really. Lets see: college roommate/ friend visited, my family visited, I’ve been working on an engagement party for people that aren’t heading to a destination wedding, house projects, and dog shopping.

Yes, dogs. I knew I was marrying a dog person just as he knew he was marrying a cat person. We never really thought we’d have a dog though. Something’s been changing, I can’t quite put my finger on it.
So we’ve been spending lots of time researching dogs. Good around cats, not to barky, a non-escape artist dog that could hang outside with us, a dog that is a water dog- those are pretty much our top wants in a dog.
Endless pages on endless types of dogs can get overwhelming. It’s a big decision, one that will impact us for at least the next ten years. Probably 15.
Bryan grew up with a golden, and loved her. My parents had a lab and he was a bit to hyper for me. Very typically lab., though. We want a dog that will be happy to see us, but relatively easy to train not to jump up on us.
The funny thing? The dogs I think are the cutest range from West Highland Terriers, to Newfoundlands. Tiny and massive. Not to much in between.
Have any tips? What dog do you have? Have always liked? Would you not put with cats?

So it isn’t really raining dogs, but the possibility of them are pouring down. At this rate we will have so many possibilities to rule out we will never decide.


Happy Spring

Happy Spring! The sun is shining, the weather is warm, and the river sparkling. I hope everyone has a fabulous day. I love seeing the world come alive and this year I am so excited to start seeing all the boats out on the water again. It’ll be an added thing to look forward to as the weather warns up, the sickness fades away, and the flowers poke their heads above ground. What are you most excited for this season?

Bundle of Joy

Wait a second. Miss Sailboat, earlier you said you were waiting for marriage. What do you mean, ‘little bundle of joy?’

Well reader, My parents found out in February of this year that they were expecting another child. It was a very unexpected surprise. They thought they were too old for another baby. Clearly not. By this point in the game we were fairly confident that the baby wasn’t going to be miscarried. I also had the wedding on the brain, big surprise! And I realized that I had my whole family involved except this little tiny baby. However distracting a baby might be to a wedding I didn’t want to look back and know that everyone else would be involved and my little brother or sister had just been hanging out in the crowd. At some point early on, this seed was planted.

And then one day, I don’t know how it came up, Momma Sailboat and I were talking and we’d had the same idea! Let’s get the baby involved. So as it turns out, if all goes well, I’ll have either a 6 month old little ring bearer, or a 6 month old flower girl. Neither will be able to walk (obviously!) so I would either need someone to carry said baby (not too thrilled about that idea) or pull it in a wagon. Naturally I loved the wagon idea. I’d break out my old red Radio Flyer, give it some WD-40, and a nice ivory paint coat.

Same model wagon

I’ll wait til winter passes to break this out, and have to make sure it fits my venue, but I sure am excited about this idea!

Did you toy with the idea of having very small children involved in your wedding? How did you include them? Do you have any horror stories to warn me away from the whole idea?

Clueless and Home

After graduating college I moved back home where my cousin was living while planning her wedding. Her wedding was shaping up to be very different than what mine would turn out to be and I am very thankful to have been a bridesmaid living in close proximity as she included me in lots of her decisions. She chose a mermaid gown, this very one by Mikaella, and everything was in grays, purples and whites (soft yet glamorous combination I think). She had a lovely wedding complete with lanterns hanging from the tent during the reception, that was something she really wanted and I was were glad she got them! It definitely added some zest to the tent, and as the night went on it was fun to see them change colors.
As a sideliner, it was easy to see all of the fun in wedding planning with none of the stress.  I loved her choices for her wedding, but I quickly realized I wanted mine to be more traditional, perhaps even a bit vintage, (I envision a 20 party in full swing when I’m at the venue)  Her wedding was very her, modern and sleek. I enjoyed being part of the planning because it gave me a taste of what to expect and it showed me options and allowed me to form opinions. Being a  part of her day helped make the big decisions for my day come quickly and easily.

I know, ‘vintage’ is overdone in the wedding blogosphere, but I fell in love with antiques when my mom would take me to a local antique store where there was a kitchen display set up like her grandmothers kitchen. It’s something I’ve been doing for years, the wedding wouldn’t be ‘us’ without it. Throughout college Mr Sailboat and I would have ‘adventure days’ when we would go off to various thrift stores, and antique stores looking for cool old things. Most of our purchases came from the thrift stores, which have pretty cool treasures and I knew we would need vintagey details somewhere, I just didn’t know where yet.

Big Hint: I did not choose a mermaid gown for myself! Stay tuned to see what I did find instead!

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