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My oil paintings are more in depth than my watercolors tend to be. I focus on the world around me, and often what comes off of my brush is very relational to what is on my heart.  Not all of my work has such deep meanings, many of the coastal scenes are just capturing the joy of the moment and the prospects of the future. I paint for myself, but also for commission.


“Resolution of Poppies”
20×23 Oil on Board $475



"Storm off Ledge Light" 8x10 Oil on Board $250 SOLD

“Storm off Ledge Light”
8×10 Oil on Board
$250 SOLD


This lighthouse is one of four seen from our beach, it was up for sale for a few months at the local gallery before it sold, first painting I sold without knowing the purchaser. That’s a big deal. It feel like this is actually something I can do. Now I’ve just. got. to. find. the. time!

Commit to Memory II. Oil on Panel. Framed in Black painted Poplar. 3' x 4'. For Sale.

Commit to Memory II. Oil on Panel. Framed in Black painted Poplar. 3′ x 4′. For Sale.

This is one of two paintings I did for my senior showcase in college. Painted from my own photographs of raindrops on a windshield I explore the temerity, and fleeting glimpses of memories, along with the faint flickerings of remembrances triggered by seemingly random happenings. Through these two pieces I challenged myself, and the viewer to take hold of the important memories and not get so complacent with life. They are up for sale, but my husband has determined the sale price would have to be very high. They currently both hang in our family room.

Snorkeling. Oil in Canvas. 2' x2' For Sale

Snorkeling. Oil in Canvas. 2′ x2′ For Sale

One of my first oil paintings, and certainly one of the most fun ones, is this painting of my brother snorkeling. I love the water and how the waves are jostling around his head and snorkel. Makes me feel like i am right there swimming around and looking for the exotic tropical fish. This painting is also hanging in our library/study/travel room and it makes me happy.

Poppy Fields. Oil on Panel. 8"x10" For Sale.

Poppy Fields. Oil on Panel. 8″x10″ For Sale.

A small painting I did of poppies, in honor of Veteran’s Day. What a sacrifice all those men gave for the sake of our country and freedoms.

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