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Now You See it

When you get to a point where you are so overwhelmed, you’d spend ANY amount of money to be finished, that is not the time to be making decisions.

That’s where I was with the windows on Wednesday. Thankfully Bryan wasn’t and he has been a champ with the outside and high up windows. I came home yesterday to the amazing discovery that our old windows actually can be taken out for even easier cleaning! WIndow might be something I don’t despise anymore.

It’s like the light at the end of the tunnel. The sparkly clean windows inspired me to hem the curtains I sewed for the family room so the room is really coming together. Bryan removed the awkward door from the foyer to the family room.

Just a few more to do’s on the list and we can call ourselves satisfied with the family room.

1) hem curtains (half done)

2) sand, fill, and paint trim and door jamb (now that the door is in we have some filling, and the installation of the wood floors nicked up the trim a bit)

3) hang new fan (get rid of the shiny brass and faux wood from the seventies)

4) paint console table

5) loveseat for more seating

6) new coffee table? Perhaps something light and airy.

5) art for the tall wall (behind the tv. this will be an eventual thing, we are definitely willing to wait and see what we need there.

That’s not to shabby. Monday I plan do a post with the curtains hemmed and you can see an up-to date where we are in the family room.

Hope you all are having a good Friday and are ready for a good weekend!



I’m Sensing a Pattern Here!

First off if you’ve made it this far then hopefully you’ve noticed the changes in design on the blog! It’s not perfect yet, but I think it’s much more eye-catching! You will have to read the “Meet the Artist” page to find out more about it….I’m not stealing that thunder here.

Back to being on topic…lately in life I’ve been noticing the things I set out figuring I want turn out to be nothing like what I actually end up with. And I’m much happier with what I have than what I thought I wanted. For example, in July of 2011 I was shopping for my wedding dress. I had done some research (mostly watching Say Yes to the Dress, and trolling pictures on Pinterest) and had decided I wanted something vintage-y, lace, sleek, and definitely not sleeve-less.

I can’t find the original source, I found it on Pinterest though!

I only went to 1 shop, I was in and out in under an hour(with a dress on my arm!) and even though I tried on those ‘dream’ dresses I left with a strapless dress, with some body in the skirt, a bit of lace around the bust, and along the fluttering hem, and some sparkle. It had a hint of vintage. But really it was an updated silhouette, inspired by vintage qualities.

Isn’t the back of that lace dress so gorgeous? But in reality, the dress I wore was perfect. And the picture of my dad and me is one of my favorites.

If I’d had sleeves on that 85 degree May day I probably would have passed out during the ceremony. All the lace dresses I tried on were ridiculously heavy and I felt like I was wearing a tablecloth. Even though they were gorgeous in pictures and online, they just didn’t cut it on me. The dress I bought was the best shape for my frame. It took the essence of what I wanted and made it possible without dating it, or getting too fussy.

Of course this isn’t the only thing where what I thought I wanted has become entirely different from what I ended up with. My degree/job prospects (I’m not utilizing my teaching degree!) And most recently houses!

Photo from

As we started daydreaming we really gravitated towards Victorians. The sweeping front porch, pretty curb appeal,  the character and space inside, one even had a secret passage…I could go on and on…we’d found a dream house with a gorgeous kitchen but it needed tons of work elsewhere. We didn’t know about the insulation, and as we took a thorough look discovered too many problems that we wouldn’t feel like paying for. Here was the ‘ideal house’. Of course the color yellow helped, the big area for my art studio, lots of off street parking, and a two car garage, not to mention water views were a major plus. Alas the problems were a reality check, and the fact that the house had been empty for more than a year meant the paint was peeling a lot. I had no desire to spend weeks on my back working on a ceiling so we moved on to more realistic but still traditional designed homes. I fervently did not want a contemporary styled home.

But then we found a house that ticked almost every list on our wish list. Updated kitchen, open floor plan, master suite, attached garage (2 car!), new enough house we didn’t have to worry about insulation, space for an art studio, room to grow/entertain guests.

Not a flattering picture of the poor house. Don’t judge it too hard!

Of course being a contemporary home the curb appeal is questionable, due to it lacking any semblance of a front porch it’s hard to have curb appeal (I’m biased towards porches obviously) but we’ve found contemporary homes that had porches added and really improved the exterior. The last thing it’s missing is a fireplace. Where are we going to hang stockings? It’s quite a conundrum, but I’m sure we can make due.

The really amazing thing is the house has things we didn’t even dream to hope for in this budget. It has beach rights, which means we would be part of a small group of people who’d have access to a private beach on Long Island Sound. Views of 4 different lighthouses would be afforded from a chair on the beach, and I’d take beach rights over water views any day. Who knows what will happen with this house, but we are going to pursue it contemporary facade and all.

Just looking has been an exercise on patience and prayer. We don’t know what the future holds, but are excitedly looking forward to see what’s next.

The one thing the houses we are looking at can guarantee are a short commute, and life will be lived in Connecticut. Even considering buying a house is hard. It definitely is a harder decision than getting married was. Marriage was all “to death do us part, in richer or poorer, etc” House buying is more like getting married knowing divorce in the future is a possibility. You may move, grow out of the house, decide to upgrade or downsize. There isn’t the same sort of commitment. It’s a finny comparison but it works, at least in my head!

So glad I was blessed enough to marry someone who has the same beliefs, and commitments in life so the confidence in God and our marriage can stand!

What choices have you made that were different from what you expected you take?

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