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Happy Spring

Happy Spring! The sun is shining, the weather is warm, and the river sparkling. I hope everyone has a fabulous day. I love seeing the world come alive and this year I am so excited to start seeing all the boats out on the water again. It’ll be an added thing to look forward to as the weather warns up, the sickness fades away, and the flowers poke their heads above ground. What are you most excited for this season?


Road trip

Just an FYI. When I’m asked where I was during the hurricane of ’12 or sandy or Frankenstorm ill be able to say I drove straight through it. Lord willing I can fly home on Wednesday if the airports are open and I’ll give you all details when I’m back! Just think–wind, rain, sleet, snow, mountains, hurricane, two girls and a Mini Cooper. Hope the thought is entertaining. For now I’m enjoying the respite and thinking of all my family and friends in the path of the storm. God Bless


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