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1 John 4:4


A month of silence! Woah. I’d say I’ve been busy working on projects, but I haven’t. It’s been so nice to not have a million things to do. (Not that there aren’t things to do, but we haven’t been working on them this month.)

October brings on of my favorite seasons, my birthday, and a friend’s wedding in Nashville, so not only were there the usual things going on we spent 4 days in the heart of Tennessee. We really enjoyed walking around the Hermitage – Andrew Jackson’s home – but other than that and the wedding, well Nashville isn’t really our scene. You see, Bryan and I hardly listen to music, and when we do it’s Miles Davis, Cole Porter, Nat King Cole and Bing Crosby. Ah well, it was fun to celebrate the wedding of friends. Congrats Ab and Lee!! ❤


More recently (i.e. today) I was working on another one of the Bible verses that were requested in a graphic printable. This verse in particular speaks to the differences between ‘me’ and the world, and since the dear friend of mine/girlfriend of my youngest brother-in-law goes to college just outside of Philadelphia, I thought that beautiful skyline would be a great signifier for the world. It’s not always just the large mass of green and blue, but the people who surround us who make up our world as well.


Where is your world? Like the other bible verses I’ve turned into printable, feel free to click and download, or email me at for the files sent straight to your inbox.


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